Internet Explorer 9 developer tools

Oprettelsesdato: 20-04-2011 07:46:49

I just updated my internet explorer (yes I use that for testing the company website, it is after all the most common browser) to version 9 (64-bit) and noticed a perculiar thing: When the developer tools are activated, CPU usage goes up to about 25% (Lenove intel i5 4 core 2.67ghz) with about 75% on core0 and 25% on core2. Even if the there is no activity on the page.

I could not find any information about this on the Microsoft pages and apparently the only noticeable new feature in developer tools 9 compared to version 8 is the network traffic analyser (what ever that means). Hopefully this will be fixed in a patch soon (currently using version 9.0.8112.16421) and until that, i recommend staying with version 8.

Update: It seems that Microsoft has fixed this in a patch now.