Oprettelsesdato: 21-08-2010 09:30:01

Jeps, jeg fik afleveret specialet til tiden og det hele.

Jeg har været så heldig at blive tilbudt at arbejde videre i den gruppe hvor jeg har skrevet speciale, så jeg er blevet instruktor på http://psoc.diku.dk der forløber her i august.

Jeg skal forsvare mit speciale på fredag d. 27/8 kl 15 - 16 på DIKU (mødelokale A+B) hvis der er nogen der skulle interesserede. Ellers kan I nøjes med at krydse fingre. For de interesserede er her abstract for det:

Specifying requirements for ERP systems is in general considered a challenging task, with as many methods as there are implementers. This is because most ERP systems are very versatile and can be customized to fit many purposes in an organization. This customization is done by experienced professionals and often takes many months and even years for large organizations, before an ERP system is completely in place.

In this thesis we present a Domain Specific Language with a user-oriented syntax for specifying an ontological data model for the Process Oriented Event-driven Transaction System (POETS) framework based on existing Controlled Natural Languages. This language replaces the existing OWL/XML format for defining the ontology for the POETS framework. We show that the defined ontology language has the expressiveness to replace the existing OWL/XML format without loss of readability. The language is formally defined with a Context-Free Grammar and a compiler has been implemented based on this grammar, with extended error reporting to supplement the user-oriented syntax.

Additionally, concrete requirements for Enterprise Resource Planning systems in general and the POETS framework in particular are extracted from official training material, personal experiments, and a case study using modern work flow modeling. These generated models are then translated into concrete specification, formulated in the POETS Domain Specific Languages for contract templates and reporting functions.

To aid the requirement specification, we supply a graphical visualization tool for the ontology language, and a prototype of an IDE in the form of an Eclipse plug-in for all the Domain Specific Languages of POETS.